Perishable Product Handling

Bangladesh is an internationally recognized production and supply base of quality horticultural, exotic and fish products. Authentic procures, transports, stores and ships a wide range of exotic fruit, vegetables, salads, organic produce and fish both locally and abroad. The integrated service we provide in inspection services includes on-site Phyto sanitary and health


Over the years Authentic has become a specialist procurer and handler of fruits such as litchis, granadillas, stone fruit, pineapples, berries, mangoes, papaya, plums, watermelons, spanspek, all apples, bananas, coconut, pineapples, oranges and cherries.

Vegetables and salads

A wide range of core and processed vegetables, predominantly from Bangladesh and exported to the Northern hemisphere. Specific produce includes peas, petit pois, sugar snaps, carrots, beans, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach and leaf products, chilies, peppers, red and green salad onions and asparagus.

Fish and shellfish

Export products include fresh and live fish and shellfish from our Dhaka Uttara office.


Some of the most prominent international cut flower and horticulture suppliers entrust us with the delivery of their products to the demanding European and American markets. A wide range of cut flowers are shipped daily to the northern hemisphere from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and South Africa.