Customs Brokerage technical services has been an integral part of our operations for nearly 14 years.

It is this experience that has set our licensed Customs agents apart, each has specialist skills in air and sea freight shipment procedures for clearance and export and warehousing documentation.

Our offices are strategically located at the port cities of Chittagongand Mongla and on the airport in Hazrat Shajalal International Airport. We also have an office at Uttara .

An important part of our customer service is in assisting clients on the documentation required for the import clearance process. Our custom agents also provide advice on trade, tax rates and duty exemptions.

To help speed up the Custom clearance process, Authentic has a direct computer link to the Customs Department. Our communications links between departments via our DTI computer system are instant and our Customs agents can also confirm warehouse space for storage, organize door-to-door cargo delivery, insurance for export, and other services to help the client achieve a smooth consignment.

To facilitate the Customs clearance process we will require the client to provide the following documents: Bill of Lading, Commercial (not pro-forma) Invoice, and Tax Identification Number (TIN) letter.